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Services and Prices

For those who are visiting from abroad, we have assembled a package that covers the

basic measurements needed for a proper diagnosis and treatment plan.

The program can be completed within approximately 30 hours.

We recommend that you have the following tests:

Orthostatic blood pressure measurement by active standing.

Additional measures of heart rate and blood pressure control (i.e. Valsalva Maneuver, Deep Breathing Test)

24-hour ambulatory blood pressure and heart rate monitoring.

With a 1-1½ hour consultation the price of the total package is: € 625,- (£ 550,-).

You can add the following test:

  1. Antibodies against the autonomic nervous system ( G-protein coupled receptors) - added price is € 275,- (£ 250,-)

  2. Cognitive function ad fatigue

  3. Handgrip strength and endurance

  4. Six-minute walk-test with lactate measurements

Follow-up consultation:

The price of a follow-up consultation on SKYPE is: € 180,- (£ 160,-).

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