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Disease States

On this page, we priovide you with a short description of the disease conditions presently taken care of in the clinic i.e.:

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (CFS/ME)

Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS)

Fainting - Syncope

Possible disease conditions following HPV-vaccination


CFS/ME is a serious condition which significantly reduces the ability of coping with daily activities and reduces the quality of life of those affected. CFS may also be referred to as systemic exertion intolerance disease (SEID).

It is a diagnostic requirement that the impaired ability to work, exercise and cope with daily chores is new and has lasted for at least 6 months. The main symptoms are severe fatigue - not improved by rest, worsening of the condition by physical or mental stress (post-exertional malaise (PEM)) and poor sleep quality. The primary diagnostic criteria for CFS/ME - fatigue, tiredness and poor sleep - are often accompanied by decreased ability to focus and concentrate and by loss of memory (cognitive dysfunction), as well as dizziness, nausea, headache and reduced muscle strength in the upright position (orthostatic intolerance).

There are also many who suffer from constipation or diarrhea, abdominal pain (irritable bowel disease), of muscle pain, frequent headaches, multiple joint pain, and tender and swollen lymph nodes.

The condition may have different expressions from minor to very debilitating symptoms and often symptoms fluctuate over time. There are no known curative treatments at this ppoint in time, but the symptoms can be alleviated through different therapies.

Currently, a number of studies are being carried out to elucidate the disease mechanisms, and granting authorities – in particular in the US - have focused on supporting this research. We do our own research and closely follow that by others and we hope that the study of the disease mechanisms will lead to more and better treatment options.

The clinic offers evaluation and assessment of symptoms as well as individual treatment in order to obtain reduction in symptoms and hopefully recovery. We use medical treatment, careful rehabilitation, dietary advice and dietary supplements, and counsel on how daily activities can be adapted.

For patients visiting from other countries, we try to do a full work-up within 36 hours as explained further under the heading “Prices and Content”. Typically, follow-up visits will be required at intervals of 2-4 months and these can be conducted through an encrypted SKYPE-connection.

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POTS is a condition which significantly reduces the ability of daily chores and reduces the quality of life. The term refers to the occurrence of symptoms in the upright position (postural - orthostatic) and is accompanied by high heart rate (tachycardia). Normally, the volume of the vascular system and the amount of fluid in the bloodstream are in a careful balance. With such a balance, only minor adjustments are needed to maintain an adequate blood pressure in standing position to ensure the perfusion of the brain. If the balance changes and the filling of the heart is critically reduced, it must be faster to maintain blood pressure at a sufficient level. When the heart beats faster, the filling time gets shorter and a vicious circle can be created where the increased heart rate leads to an even lesser filling of the heart and thus to an unstable blood pressure control. The activation of the autonomic nervous system for these adjustments most likely trigger the symptoms that are characteristic of POTS,

It is a diagnostic requirement for postural tachycardia that the heart rate increases by more than 30 beats when transitioning from lying to standing position (40 stroke at age under 18 years). Postural tachycardia alone can have many causes; eg. most people can develop the condition in the combination of warm weather and low fluid and salt intake or after a prolonged bedrest. In these cases, however, this deconditioning can easily be corrected by sufficient liquid and salt intake. POTS, on the other hand, is a state in which the heart rate increases in the upright position accompanied by a number of other symptoms that can not be eliminated by improving the fluid balance alone. Many of the symptoms are similar to those seen in CFS/ME.

The clinic offers assessment of symptoms as well as individual treatment in order to obtain recovery. The diagnosis requires measurement of heart rate and blood pressure on a beat by beat basis in the supine and standing position with a special equipment and in the case of recurrent syncope of a tilt table. We use medical treatment, rehabilitation - predomi-nantly in a lying position - and dietary guidelines and advice on dietary supplements. In addition, we also provide advice on how to adjust daily activities.

For patients visiting from other countries, we try to do a full work-up within 36 hours as explained further under the heading “Prices and Content”.. Follow-up visits are expected to last approximately ½ hour and can be carried out using encrypted SKYPE.

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Possible disease States following HPV-vaccination

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